Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival 2017

May 13, 2017

By & By

Kingman Stage - 3:40PM

By & By is a band with broad roots that wind their way through the traditions of bluegrass, folk, Americana and rock n’ roll. Boasting a broad catalog of traditional bluegrass, By & By can play for hours calling on the songs of everyone from Bill Monroe and Hot Rize to Merle Haggard and Nickel Creek. What sets the group apart is their commitment to writing and performing original music that respects these traditions while bringing a relevancy and freshness not often found in today’s roots music scene. Their songs reflect their surroundings, embodying the fast-paced, dynamic, and often misunderstood culture of Washington, D.C. Featuring a powerful lead singer, mesmerizing harmonies, and instrumental arrangements tight enough to bounce a nickel on.

The band was formed in 2006 as something of a temporary home for musicians who were, as so many are, just passing through D.C. The constantly rotating line-up kept the originating members on their toes. But in 2009, something clicked. With the addition of a new singer, a new fiddle player, and some fresh blood on the five-string, the band developed a sound that started to turn some heads and a relationship with each other that became a hotbed for writing. At the same time, the DC roots music scene saw something of a renaissance as several local venues began to make time in their schedules to host bluegrass and songwriter series. By & By was perfectly positioned to ride that wave, making a name for itself playing in the revitalized Atlas district, including monthly shows at friendly venues like Sova and Argonaut. 

Over the next several years, By & By honed it's live show into events that celebrate music and the community in which that music was conceived. And recognition followed. In 2011, By & By took first place in the Mid-Atlantic Bluegrass Band Competition, and in 2012 they took second in the Watermelon Park Band Competition. The band was also invited to play at the famed Kennedy Center and headlined the Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival, the DC region’s largest bluegrass festival. In 2013, By & By released its first full-length album featuring 14 original songs and garnering nominations for seven different Washington Area Music Association awards. Today By & By is hard at work developing material for its next recording, expecting to begin in late 2016, and continuing to venture further and further from the city center to play shows and build its fan-base throughout the region. What the future holds, nobody knows, but By & By is excited to see what happens!

Check out By & By's website for tour dates and news about the band!


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