Music festivals are wild, fun, and sometimes a little messy! From recyclable wrist bands to reusable, recyclable cups, and with the support of our friends at the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) we have successfully implemented a zero-waste campaign, keeping this festival just a little less trashy!

Introduced in 2016, the goal of the campaign is to significantly reduce, and eventually completely eliminate, the amount of stuff that we send to disposal in an effort to preserve the integrity of Kingman Island and support the District's path toward zero- waste. During the Year of the Anacostia, it's even more important that we are conscious of the impact our activities have on our local waterways.

"Don't Lose It – Reuse It!"

Help us keep the Anacostia beautiful and our trash contained. Everyone is encouraged to take their festival cup home with them as a souvenir and continue to use them! We have added a number of water refill stations and require all food service vendors to use compostable dishware and flatware for food. Our Green Team will be spread throughout the island to ensure that festival attendees know how to properly dispose of recycling and compost. All of these efforts have resulted in less than 20 bags of trash being collected on the entire island after a 10,000-person festival – thanks to your help!

We ask that attendees please refrain from bringing anything onto the island that you can't take with when you leave or that cannot be composted. Reusable water bottles and food containers only. No one-time- use plastic water bottles will be allowed on the Island.

Have a suggestion to help us in our zero-waste initiative? Send us a message on social media or email us at